When you run a networked business, you know how important it is to have full network access. Your business’ network is its spinal cord and nervous system, allowing communication and data transfer from every point in your company near-instantaneously. Network downtime, even outside of business hours, can paralyze your entire company, costing money and potentially damaging valuable company data. It’s vital to ensure that no matter what happens, your network is monitored and protected against threats large and small.

Some companies look in-house for their network support services, hiring IT professionals to maintain the network and all the computers and equipment. Dedicated IT professionals are great at what they do, but many times dealing with the hardware takes up enough of their time that monitoring the network itself becomes a lower priority. An in-house network tech support also may not be available every hour of the day without prohibitive expense. If a particularly specialized threat arises against the network, there’s also the risk that the IT staff may not have the specialized expertise to handle the threat.

A cost-effective solution to the problem of network monitoring is hiring an outside company for online computer tech support and network monitoring. AccuTech’s AccuLive service provides 24/7 monitoring for your network, watching for even the smallest interruptions in network performance. This could be something as relatively minor as a challenge to the network from an unsupported device, or something as major as a network crash or overload.

AccuLive will work with you to provide the alerts you want to know about, whether that’s every incident or only major events. If something does happen that threatens your network, their staff of tech professionals are available day or night to tackle the problem and get your network running again as quickly as possible. Many times, AccuLive is able to detect a problem and act to resolve it before employees or customers ever notice anything is wrong.