How to select a Network Support Company

Outsourcing network support can provide a variety of benefits including lower costs, improved efficiency, and rapid response to service issues. While delegating network support and administration to a third party provider will allow a business to focus on its core competencies, it is important to select a compatible partner.

There are numerous network support companies to choose from, and scrutinizing the various products and services can be confusing and frustrating. The selection process should always include certain elements that will define the provider as well as its approach to network support. Matching the needs of the business with the appropriate services will help ensure that the ongoing requirements of the network are suitably addressed.

Experience and Areas of Expertise

Longevity is important, but the quality of the network provider’s experience as it relates to the client is the key to establishing a productive relationship. This means finding a network services company that has worked with businesses of comparable size and encountered systems with similar challenges. Choosing a company that is unfamiliar with the customer’s hardware, software, and network infrastructure can result in corrupted systems and financial loss.

Determining the Type of Service

Outsourcing offers two primary methods for obtaining network support. In a managed services environment, a defined group of diagnostic and maintenance functions are provided to the client on a regular basis. This usually includes unlimited remote support as well as periodic inspections, testing, and upgrades. The managed services approach offers predictable monthly costs as well as incentive for the provider to rapidly and efficiently repair malfunctioning systems.

Network Consultation

The value and effectiveness of network support is highly dependant on the relationship between the client and the provider. Regular and effective planning that is coordinated between key employees and planning administrators from the outsourcing company can help align objectives and establish performance metrics. This will ensure that the network infrastructure will continue to accommodate future business growth.

Establish the Framework

Defining expectations can help avoid future misunderstandings and miscommunication. Timely reviews will ensure that resources are being allocated efficiently and that vital tasks are completed according to agreed upon terms. An effective network support company will work diligently to minimize downtime, optimize systems, and become invested in the success of their clients.