The field of information technology is a diverse one, with many different specialties. Most businesses will find themselves needing several of those specialties at different times as different tech challenges arise. It can be tough, though, for a layman to understand the difference between IT specialties enough to know what IT solution is best for the problem at hand. AccuTech offers both IT Support Services and IT Consultant Services, but what exactly is the difference, and when does each one work best?

IT Support Services are designed for everyday solutions to the problems that arise on any existing network. They allow companies to get by without a dedicated IT professional; secure in the knowledge that support is always available. Businesses typically contract for IT Support Services on a continuing basis, rather than for a single issue at a time.

IT Consultant Services are for businesses that have a specific IT issue that they need help addressing. Whether it’s building a database, setting up a software system, or meeting a particular client need, IT Consultants can help a business find a tailor-made solution. IT consulting is especially valuable when a company is working outside the expertise of any staff member, when the market or client involved is particularly difficult to please or hard to recruit, or when the risks associated with failure are simply too high. Bringing in an IT Consultant is a cost-effective way of finding solutions and minimizing risks without having to add staff positions or agree to a lengthy contract. Unlike IT Support, IT Consulting typically lasts only for the length of one project or one problem.

Depending on the issues your company is facing, IT Support may be the best answer, or IT Consultation, or even a mixture of both. Once a consultant has set up a tech solution, IT Support may be useful for monitoring the system and ironing out any future wrinkles. A business with an IT Support contract in place might find it useful to use an IT Consultant when it comes time for a substantial upgrade or an entirely new tech project. Whatever your business needs, AccuTech is ideally suited to provide specialized solutions.