Professional IT Support in Detroit

The modern business environment is highly dependent of the continuous flow of accurate and reliable information. For many companies in Detroit, professional IT support services offer an efficient and cost effective alternative to developing and maintaining a full time IT specialist or staff.

Advantages of IT Support

Success in business results from a continued commitment to developing new and better processes that enhance customer service, operational efficiency and sales performance. Companies that utilize the services of a professional IT outsourcing authority like AccuTech International have more time and resources to devote to their core business responsibilities.

Outsourcing IT support provides a business with an unmatched level of cumulative industry expertise. Solutions for complex data issues are individually tailored to the requirements of each client and implemented to work seamlessly across a variety of platforms.

For small and medium sized businesses in Detroit, outsourcing IT support can be very cost effective when compared to employing a full time specialist. Outsourcing support expenses are limited to the specific requirements of the various systems. Periodic service and upgrade schedules provide timely preventive maintenance that will help ensure that the systems continued to operate at peak efficiency with minimal down time.

IT Support Services

There are a variety of IT support services offered by outsourcing specialists. Among these include:

  • Remote Management: Provides 24 hour system monitoring and diagnostics from a remote management center. Many issues can be resolved without requiring a service call.
  • Threat Management and Network Security: Full virus and network security protection eliminates the threat potential from hackers and intruders while restricting inappropriate access to hardware and data.
  • Network Design and Installation: Design and implementation of both wired and wireless Local Area Networks. Support for both internet and intranet protocols.
  • Data Recovery: Lost data can have catastrophic consequences for a business. IT support specialists can help recover lost data due to an accidental deletion or a system corruption.
  • Data Migration: Complete transfer of data to new systems while ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
  • Hardware Repairs and Upgrades: This can include server management as well as replacing or repairing printers, scanners, network cards, monitors and other system components.
  • Software Installation and Upgrades: Implementation of new software systems as well as installation of critical upgrades.
  • System Tune Up and Optimization: System diagnostics and enhancements help avoid sluggish performance, data bottlenecks and system crashes.

Choosing an IT Support Specialist

A failure in an IT structure can result in missed sales opportunities, lost productivity and reduced levels of customer service. Detroit professional IT support consultants like AccuTech International provide targeted expertise that will keep complex systems operating at peak efficiency with minimal associated costs.