Manufacturing IT Support and Solutions

In a challenging economy, manufacturers face downward pricing pressure, rising commodity costs, and escalating customer expectations. Orders must be processed accurately and delivered on time to deny competitors the opportunity to exploit potential vulnerabilities.

Manufacturing companies rely heavily on IT systems to integrate disparate data segments through processes that allow for collaborative information sharing across all departments. In the modern manufacturing environment, reliable and high performance IT networks are a fundamental component in the daily operations of a successful business. Resource planning applications perform a myriad of critical tasks such and inventory control, production scheduling, customer service, accounting, and communications.

Technology Obsolescence


The competitive nature of the manufacturing industry encourages companies to continually evaluate the cost effectiveness of their IT structural processes. While technology rapidly evolves, legacy systems often inhibit growth and serve as impediments to paradigm changes. Costs associated with deficient networks and outdated mainframe architecture can be staggering when measured in terms of diminished productivity and lost sales opportunities.

An in house IT staff is expensive to maintain and may not always have the expertise necessary to implement the foundational changes required to modernize and optimize associated systems. Even more potentially damaging is an untrained member of the staff attempting to repair complex IT hardware or applications. Not only does this draw the individual away from their area of expertise, but can result in permanent damage to physical resources and vital data elements.

IT Support Solutions


Third party IT providers offer support services for manufacturing businesses of every size and complexity. Qualified IT outsourcing professionals understand the nature of the manufacturing industry as well as the drivers and difficulties presented by competitors from emerging economies.

Rather than offering prepackaged and commodity based manufacturing IT services, Detroit IT support providers offer solutions that are designed to address the unique needs of their client’s business. This can include a variety of different services such as:

  • Network Installation and Administration
  • Hosting Services
  • 24/7 Systems Monitoring
  • Software Support
  • Hardware Maintenance

IT outsourcing can help reduce data management expenses since support is limited to those systemic issues that require immediate or ongoing attention. Extensive industry expertise leads to faster identification of operational deficits and quicker problem resolution. Monitoring services can be conducted offsite, and many performance related problems can be corrected without the need for an onsite visit by a technician.

Regular maintenance and ongoing systems evaluation will help ensure that every data related component and application continues to operate at peak efficiency.