IT Support for the Medical / Health Care Industry

Medical / Healtah Care Industry As the population continues to age and technology rapidly advances, the demands on the healthcare system are expected to increase for the next several decades. In an environment of escalating costs and continually higher patient expectations, medical professionals increasingly depend on reliable data systems to assure the uninterrupted flow of accurate information.

A successful patient care outcome requires the collaboration of many different departments, units, and third party service providers. Unfortunately, hospital information systems are usually tailored for each specific medical discipline. This arrangement limits the exchange of data across all departments and can result in inefficiencies, higher costs, and incomplete treatment options.

Health Care IT Services

When seeking health care industry IT services, Detroit medical facility administrators often look to outsourced IT providers for expert technicians trained in the medical services industry. From full systems design and infrastructure implementation to monitoring and maintenance services, third party IT providers present many different alternatives that will increase productivity and lower costs with minimal disruption to critical care functions.


  • EMR Development: Only ½ percent of all U.S hospitals currently use a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) system. These critical applications offer continuity of medical record data throughout the entire institution. IT systems providers can help facilitate the design and implementation of a fully functional EMR package.
  • Complete Data Storage: Medical facilities need to continually upgrade their data storage capacities to address the increasing volume of patient images and records. IT support providers can help ensure accurate data replication, easy retrieval and natural disaster resistance.
  • Cross Platform Proficiency: Hospitals and large medical facilities are often operating or transitioning between multiple platforms. IT support can provide simultaneous service between new and legacy applications from a single source. Data often can be streamlined and integrated to allow access and exchange across all departments
  • Application Hosting: Custom design of online records viewing applications allows patients to access their records remotely.
  • Hardware Installation and Repair: Ongoing assessment of all hardware elements to identify failing, or inefficient assets. Services include infrastructure monitoring, evaluation, and replacement as necessary.
  • Maintenance, Monitoring, and Support: Systems are monitored 24/7 to identify performance issues, bottlenecks, or redundancies. Scheduled maintenance and tune ups improve network performance and optimize system registries.

IT Support Benefits


Emerging medical IT technologies such as miniaturized health sensors, mobile devices, and broadband networks all serve to enhance the quality of patient care. In Detroit, IT support services provide hospitals and medical facilities with predictable IT costs along with superior access to timely, protected, and reliable data. This results in a lower level of stress for the staff as well as improved patient care outcomes.