IT Services for the Insurance Industry

The current business environment for insurance companies remains highly competitive as elements of the financial services industry continue to offer insurance product alternatives. The uncertainty surrounding the current regulatory environment and the threat of additional imposed oversight also hampers efforts to raise premiums.

In light of these ongoing challenges, insurance companies are driven to identify operational deficits and inefficiencies while implementing cost effective solutions. In an industry that is highly dependant on transparency and exceptional levels of customer service, businesses must have access to IT systems that provide timely and reliable data.

As technology rapidly advances, many insurance companies find themselves hopelessly shackled to legacy systems and obsolete mainframe architecture. The cost associated with maintaining or modernizing these configurations is often economically impractical.
System maintenance applied by an in house IT staff is expensive and may prove to be inefficient and inconsistent. Tampering with sensitive hardware or software components by non professionals is usually ineffective, and may cause catastrophic damage to applications or data.

To address rising IT costs while improving system performance and reliability, many insurance companies have elected to outsource their IT support services through third party providers.

IT Services for the Insurance Industry

In recommending an insurance company’s IT services, Detroit providers will conduct a thorough assessment of the current IT facilities including hardware, software, peripherals, and infrastructure components. Planners and consultants help identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and redundancies while developing customized solutions to maximize accessibility and preserve system integrity. Qualified outsourcing professionals understand the unique requirements of the insurance industry and offer a variety of
industry specific services.

  • Modernization of Legacy Systems
  • Application Maintenance and Development
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring Services
  • Network Installation and Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Optimization
  • Data and Platform Migration
  • Application Development, Implementation, and Maintenance
  • Malicious Threat Detection
  • Hardware Maintenance, Monitoring. and Support
  • Infrastructure Evaluations, Maintenance, and Upgrades
  • Software Support

IT Outsourcing Benefits

A fully functional data system is a vital element in the successful operation of nearly every business. Insurance companies recognize the need for ongoing investment in IT architecture that will provide easy access to secure and reliable data. Third party IT support offers exceptional technical expertise that will eliminate the need for expensive in house IT personnel. Hosting services reduce the capital requirements for hardware investment and eliminate technology obsolescence. Systems will be properly monitored, maintained, and optimized while providing responsive service and predictable costs.