IT Outsourcing – Lower Cost and Improved Service

Success in today’s business environment requires an unwavering commitment to operational
efficiency, exceptional customer service and the ability to capitalize on sales opportunities.  Progressive companies continue to recognize that it is extremely difficult to manage all of their processes while depending entirely on their own personnel and expertise.

Utilizing IT outsourcing services allows Detroit and other Michigan companies to concentrate on its core business functions while the network and data flow is maintained and enhanced by third party industry experts.

Enhanced Service

The flow of accurate information in a real time environment is vital to the decision making process in every business. An inadequate or poorly trained in house IT staff may unwittingly
contribute to data bottlenecks and interrupted communications between departments. IT
outsourcing provides industry specialists targeted toward the specific system and platform.
This results in customized data solutions that ensure the continued free flow of information
across platforms optimized for peak performance.

IT consultants operate around the schedules and demands of the business while monitoring,
maintaining and managing systems. They will also implement upgrades when necessary.
Employees of the company are trained to use the systems in the most effective manner and
consultants will introduce solutions that contribute to improvements in operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

Developing a competent in house staff to address complex IT challenges can prove to be both time consuming and cost intensive. Staffing is subject to employee attrition, lack of
appropriate education and unreasonable compensation demands. Costs can prove to be
more substantial if additional equipment must be purchased and employees require
continuing education.

Many businesses find it difficult to manage and control the costs of IT processes. Outsourcing
provides only the exact services that are required at the appropriate times. Idle staff time is
virtually eliminated as technicians are only utilized when needed. Through years of experience
addressing a variety of IT issues, consultants will implement the most expedient and cost
effective comprehensive solutions tailored for the specific application. The resulting savings
can be applied to other areas of the business to further reduce operational costs or boost
revenue generation.

Increased Flexibility through Outsourcing

IT outsourcing from professionals like Accutech International can provide the precise services required for any given situation. Seasonal fluctuations in business activity and staffing
requirements can be seamlessly addressed through expanding or reducing the IT consultant’s
services. This will result in more controlled decision making and reduced instances of the
business requiring crisis management intervention.