It is a reality of the modern IT environment that an infrastructure failure is inevitable. The system can experience a variety of problems such as hardware malfunctions, security breakdowns within a network, corrupted software and a myriad of other issues. When the flow of information is disrupted, the business can experience bottlenecks, reduced levels of customer service and ultimately a loss of sales revenue.

That is why companies of all sizes choose to acquire onsite IT services to reduce the occurrence of failures and provide immediate solutions in the event repairs to the system are required.

Onsite Support Options
For medium or large companies, a full time onsite support staff is a necessity. This may consist of multiple specialized technicians within an established IT department or a single individual versed in all phases of IT repair and maintenance. In house, onsite support personnel provide the most immediate response to IT complications.For small companies or those that do not have extensive IT infrastructure requirements, outsourcing onsite services may make the most sense. If used judiciously, outsourcing limits expenditures to only those instances that require attention. However, maintenance and important upgrades may be neglected without a proper predetermined service schedule. When outsourcing, it is important to select an IT services company that provides timely and appropriate service alerts.

Onsite Computer Support Services
Building reliability into IT services requires programs designed to prevent costly disruptions as well as the ability to quickly diagnose and repair malfunctioning hardware and network systems. These services should include:

  • Hardware upgrades and repairs
  • Cabling and receptacle inspections
  • Software upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Data recovery
  • Data deletion in a secure environment
  • System optimization and periodic tune-ups
  • Internet Filtering and Content Monitoring
Network facilities include support, diagnostic and repair of existing issues, as well as preventative maintenance to avoid future malfunctions. Implementation of security measures including routers and firewalls, virus removal, wireless options and cross platform applications can also be addressed through onsite computer support services.

Considerations in Acquiring Onsite Support
The most important consideration in acquiring onsite computer support is assessing the cost of lost productivity and potential missed sales opportunities should the existing IT structure fail. A company needs to focus their efforts on their core business while onsite support services provide seamless maintenance and integration of the latest upgrades ensuring the system will continue to operate at maximum efficiency.