Custom Application Development to Streamline Processes

Corporate goals and strategies are constantly evolving, and it is important for information systems to adapt to the increasing demands of the business environment. For companies that require functionality that is not available through pre-packaged products, custom application development (CAD) provides individually tailored software solutions. Using a process that incorporates progressive technologies and substantial customer input, CAD can result in better resource utilization and more rapid implementation of initiatives. In essence, custom application development is designed to serve the needs of the business rather than the business compromising to accommodate the limitations of the software.


When a client requires a unique approach to turn ideas into practices, outsourcing custom application development can help create unique resolutions to complex problems. This includes applying code modifications to existing pre-built systems or developing applications from the design stage through implementation. Outsourcing professionals will ensure that the resulting application will extend capacity, improve operational efficiency, and encourage user interaction.

Once the business has determined its budget and defined exactly what the new application must accomplish, the development team will begin to design the internal structure. The application’s architecture will include process data and other technical aspects. Testing criteria will be established to ascertain the operational integrity of the application and eliminate unintended corruptions or crashes. After the code writing, compiling and testing is completed, the deployment phase begins where employees can directly interact with the new application.


At its core, custom application development is targeted for the needs of one specific business. This allows for exceptional flexibility and creates an environment that is highly adaptable. Non-functional and redundant features are removed from the system which helps to streamline the process and eliminate data bottlenecks. Since redundancies and duplications are purged, significant cost savings can be realized. Applications remain highly scalable to ensure that systems will keep pace with planned or even unanticipated business growth.

Communications will improve across all departments, customer service will become more responsive and orders will be processed faster and more accurately. A custom application is wholly owned by the business and there are no associated licensing fees for its use. Security of the system is also improved since custom applications do not contain the vulnerabilities that are continually exposed in popular prepackaged applications.

IT Outsourcing

For Detroit businesses requiring custom application development, third party IT outsourcing professionals can provide a wide array of services that will ensure the continued efficient operation of all data systems.