Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is software that gives users online versions of popular Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Lync Exchange (which combines Live Meeting and Office Communicator), and SharePoint. Lync is an instant messaging program that allows users to send/receive messages, video/audio, and VOIP. Lync used to be known as Communications Server. Lync Exchange offers new features such as integrated archiving and Voice mail with Unified Messaging. There are several different plans offered by Microsoft 365 for business and personal use.

There are several advantages to using Microsoft 365. One of these advantages is that Microsoft Office Suite is integrated with the web, making it easier for companies that use Microsoft Exchange in collaborations and interactions with others. Another advantage to using Microsoft 365 is that as long as the user is connected to the Internet, they will always be able to access emails and documents from any place. Microsoft 365 also has a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, which is close to being the industry standard.

There are also some disadvantages to using Microsoft 365. One of these disadvantages is that it is actually over integrated, meaning users only get the program’s full potential if they rely on Windows and/or Windows-based products such as the Windows Phone 7. The other disadvantage to using Microsoft 365 is that it gives the user all of the features of the program and it cannot be scaled back to fit your exact needs. There is no in-between when it comes to Microsoft 365 because it is an all or nothing application.

While there are several advantages and disadvantages to using Microsoft 365, most businesses can benefit from the integration of so many software programs into one, easy-to-use interface. Microsoft 365 can be obtained through the Microsoft website and users have the option of getting a free trial period before they commit to buying the software.