Dynamics 365 Breathes Composability into Enterprise Resource Planning Modernization Post Preview

Dynamics 365 Breathes Composability into Enterprise Resource Planning Modernization

What is your ERP modernization strategy? @Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings all your business processes together to improve collaboration, help your company make data-driven decisions, and advance business productivity. Providers of Microsoft ERP solutions, the experts at AccuTech International are available to give you a one-on-one walkthrough of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Contact us when you're ready. #MSDyn365

Heineken Creates the Flexibility it Needs to “Brew a Better World”

Are you looking for a highly responsive management model that's supported by real-time information detection in a Zero Trust environment? Heineken found exactly this, blending security with the agility they were looking for with @Microsoft Security solutions. Read the blog for details and reach out to a AccuTech International @Microsoft Security solutions expert to discuss next steps. #MicrosoftDefender #CloudSecurity #BeFearless

As organizations add new sub-based offerings, their revenue recognition processes become more complex. Contact a @MSFTDynamics365 expert to discuss/compare costs of a subscription-based or on-prem infrastructure. #MSDyn365

Looking for a new approach to subscription billing? Contact a @Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert at AccuTech International to discuss and compare the costs of a subscription-based or on-prem centered infrastructure. #MSDyn365

Hybrid Work Post Preview

Hybrid Work

Navigating communication between virtual and office-based colleagues is a challenge in the hybrid work environment. How can AccuTech International help you address your hybrid meeting challenges? Book a meeting.

What’s your organization’s secure score? 🤔 Get in touch with a @msftsecurity expert from AccuTech International for an assessment.

What's your secure score? Find it in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal. Reach out to a @Microsoft Security expert at AccuTech International for an assessment. #MicrosoftDefender #CloudSecurity #BeFearless

Hybrid Work is Inevitable Post Preview

Hybrid Work is Inevitable

67% of business leaders struggle with collaboration in remote settings. How about your company? Contact us to discuss how the team at AccuTech International can get you started on the journey to the ideal hybrid work environment with a @Microsoft hybrid work solution expert.

Infographic — Cloud Impact Post Preview

Infographic — Cloud Impact

Is your organization investing enough time, money and resources into fulfilling core business strategies Download the @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Infographic and then get in touch for a one-on-one walk through from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert at AccuTech International.

Secure Score: Microsoft 365 Defender Post Preview

Secure Score: Microsoft 365 Defender

Want to know where you stand when it comes to your organization's security posture? Following @Microsoft Defender 365 Secure Score recommendations can protect your organization from threats. Watch the video on Secure Score and contact a @Microsoft Defender 365 expert from AccuTech International to discuss next steps.

Quorum Bases its Cyber One Solution on Microsoft Sentinel, Easing and Lifting Security

How can we help your SMB stay ahead of the constantly evolving cyberthreat landscape? Read the customer story to see how @Microsoft Azure Sentinel helps a leading Australian accounting network stay on top of security affordably. Experts in Microsoft Sentinel, AccuTech International can help your SMB stay on top of all security threats at all times. Get in touch to get started. #MicrosoftSecurity #Microsoft

Cerner Associates Shape the Future of Healthcare in Hybrid Workplaces with Microsoft Collaboration Tools

The ideal hybrid workplace empowers employees to make decisions that will help everyone be more successful. Does this sound like your organization? Read this @Microsoft customer story to learn how a leading health tech information company is firing on all cylinders when it comes to the hybrid workplace. Creating a flexible and collaborative #hybridwork environment is essential and AccuTech International can connect you to an @Microsoft hybrid work solutions expert for a deeper dive into creating the perfect flexible work environment. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

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